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TV shows
ao no exorcist

I'm not really watching anything off of the TV. This post is more of what I've been watching off of the internet hurrrr. Firsties: Protect the Boss. It's quite different; I'm laughing a lot more than I am skipping around (like I did for Coffee Prince ugh), and all the evil characters are at least humorus in some way or another. But again, it falls with the plot hole of main guy likes main girl, but third wheel guy also likes main girl, while a third wheel girl likes both male characters and dislikes the main girl (who likes neither guys but leaning towards main guy). I'm up to episode 9 now.

^ I love it when these guys bicker actually LOL. They are such children. 

My roommates were watching Merlin in the next room, and I decided to join in, considering they are only on episode one. Hmm, I usually don't watch anything from BBC, but I gave it a shot and haha, Merlin is quite entertaining. I guess I'll keep watching. 

And of course, I'm behind on all animu-- don't feel like going back to catch up on it anytime soon. I was watching the Ouran High School Host Club, and I was doing pretty well keeping up with it, but I got so behind. I am forever doomed to never be caught up on anything weekly. I always end up marathoning. :( Speaking of marathons, I hope Pretty Little Liars puts one for their summer season, because I totally did not watch any of it when I was home. 8I


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